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Danny Mendoza, the founder of Together We Rise, is a finalist for this year’s VH1.com Do Something Award. Danny has been leading programs for children in foster care help bring a sense of normalcy and stability in their lives. Help Danny rise to the top so he can help improve the lives of more kids in foster care. Voting ends this week. 


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What do they need to hear?

By Miguel Perez
Chief Operating Officer

Last year we set out to debunk myths about children in foster care with our “I am” public service announcement video and poster campaign.  While we should have called it “I am not,” we didn’t like the negativity of the name. But, by sharing what these children are not, you see who they really are. Kids. Just kids.

Running nationally on major broadcast and cable networks, as well as digital billboards, online and in print, the reaction we have received to the campaign has been very positive. We even won awards recognizing our ability to tell a story that needs to be told. My favorite response, though, was from a youth who aged out of foster care. He was in our office and saw one of the posters, which read, “I am not a troublemaker.”

“Finally,” he said. “Someone is saying what is true about us.”

I still believe we need to continue telling this story, and we will.

But, now what? As we start to develop our next campaign, what does the general public need to hear?

What story do we need to tell?

Think about it, and let me know. Let’s get this right. The children in foster care need our voice. Our unified voice.

I’m all ears.

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